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Desperate Abena Moet Publicly Flirts with Husband after Divorce Prank Gone Wrong

Radio presenter Abena Moet desperately tried flirting with her husband in public to save face after a painful divorce prank gone wrong.

Abena Moet, in a video, tried desperately to get her husband’s attention to soothe public tension over her marriage, but he was not that much into her attempts.

Moet caused a stir a few weeks back when she declared she wanted a divorce.


She claimed her husband called her and asked for s*x but was not respectful in his request.

According to Abena, she cannot be in a relationship with a man who shows her no respect.

She advised any ladies out there in a relationship with a disrespectful man to leave as well.

Abena later clarified that she was being sarcastic in the video.

Multiple reports emerged of her impending divorce after her video went viral.

In a new video, Abena tried to calm things down after appearing at an event with her husband.

Moet pushed herself on her husband endlessly.


Addressing the divorce controversy, she said she’s not ready to divorce but he should just be more respectful with his s*x requests next time.

Abena’s husband showed little reaction so she asked for the recording to be stopped.

Watch video of the moment below…




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