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Watch Video: Journalist buys land to build house for Blind man with 5 mentally ill kids

Kofi TV has acquired a land for Baba Fuseini, the blind man with 5 mentally unfit children.

The man lives alone with 4 of the children, all of them are deaf and dumb with mental illness.

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The only one who could speak has been adopted by social welfare.

According to the man, his wife left when their 5th child also came out with same illness and later the man himself got blind.

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He says he sometimes tie the kids like animals to go begging on the streets.

Kofi TV, led by Kofi Adomah has come to the aid of Baba Fuseini with the acquisition of land.

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Soon a building will be mounted on it for him and his children to have a decent accommodation.

Watch Video below



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