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Man Hits Snake With Stick to Rescue Deer in Viral Video, Peeps Left Divided About Disrupting the Food Chain

Man Hits Snake With Stick to Rescue Deer

Generous Man Hits Snake With Stick to save a deer, sparks anger for disrupting the food chain

  • video of a deer being constricted by a massive snake has been doing the rounds on social media
  • In the clip, a tree branch hits the serpent, to which it snaps and slithers away, releasing the young mammal
  • Several online users found the post funny while others said it was wrong for the man to interfere with the reptile’s lunch

A video of a man helping save a deer has left South African online users divided on whether it was the right thing to do or not.

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The video, shared by Russ Sydenham on Facebook, shows a large snake constricting a deer in the middle of the road.

A branch hitting the conjoined animals can be seen in the clip, to which the snake snaps and slithers away, letting go of the small buck. It proceeds to run away before the video ends.

Man Hits Snake With Stick to Rescue Deer

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The cyber community responded to the post with their reactions.

Some expressed that the man should not have interfered with mother nature.

Check out the comments below:

Seth Bartlett replied: “Why interfere? The snake only eats something like that every few months.

” Richard Sky Maphike commented: “What an idiot.”

Jason Hendricks said: “This person is an idiot, the snake needs to eat too.”

Tasveer Dayanand responded: “Disrupting the food chain.”

The clip was shared by online user @iamhe1di on TikTok and sees the large and long reptile go after a Land Rover. One of the men in the clip is seen running out of the car in an attempt to evade the snake.

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Man Hits Snake With Stick to Rescue Deer in Viral Video, Peeps Left Divided About Disrupting the Food Chain

It is not clear what type of snake it is but the video is giving serious Anaconda horror movie vibes. Online users have questioned the logic of running out of the vehicle, saying the guy would have been safer if he’d stayed inside.



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