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Mix Feeling as India mourns loss of ‘Supermom’ tigress, bids emotional farewell

India’s most famous tigress, known as “Supermom” for giving birth to 29 cubs during her lifetime, has died, triggering widespread grief among Indians.

The tigress died of complications due to old age at the Pench Tiger Reserve in central India on Saturday evening, park chief Ashok Kumar Mishra said on Monday, adding the big cat was more than 16 years old.

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She was also known as Collarwali in Hindi, as she was the first feline to be radio-collared at the reserve in 2008.

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“It is rare for a tigress to give birth to 29 cubs, including five in one go, and successfully raise 25, this perhaps earned her the title of Supermom among wildlife lovers,” he said.

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