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Nigerian Ladies Allegedly Attempt to Rob Ghanaian Taxi Driver In Bizarre Video

  • In a viral video, two Nigerian ladies were allegedly caught after they tried to kill a Ghanaian taxi driver, however one managed to escape
  • Ghanaians in the community where the attempted crime happened were enraged and took the law into their hands
  • Many Ghanaians have reacted to the video expressing surprise at the lady’s hardcore demeanor despite being beaten 

In a video recorded by a Snapchat user, a young lady suspected to be of Nigerian descent was beaten to a pulp after she and another female accomplice allegedly attempted to strangle a taxi driver to death.

According to the original source, the ladies, who were passengers in the taxi waited for the driver to get into a dark corner and attempted to take him out by strangling but he fought for his life.

The struggle garnered the attention of people in the community who rushed to the driver’s aid.

The other lady, however, managed to escape, the lady who was caught however did not show any signs of remorse with a shocking show of aggression and militant resistance.

This hardcore lady fought off a mob who tried to take her into custody in a bizarre show of strength. Many were surprised that a lady could be so strong and fight toe to toe with abled men.


Twitter React To Aggressive Lady’s Show Of Strength

A tweep reposted the video from Snapchat on Twitter Which had tweeps reacting in shock

thee6ftjagaban said:

This one the way she’s confident either she get powers to escape Or she has links with the big men hmm

maamedufie23 also said that it is a common occurrence

A Uber driver I took yesterday told me a story about how 4 nigerian girls jumped him at spintex Accra is a scary




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