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KiDi dashes ¢5000 to taxi Driver who found and return ¢8,400 to owner

KiDi dashes ¢5000 to taxi Driver who returned ¢8400 to the owner.

Kidi dashes ¢5000 to taxi driver following his good deed.

A video that circulated in the morning was very astonishing.

A taxi hustler who found ¢8400 in his car returned the very total to the lessor.

This is rare in our era and his actions are publically regarded as Godly.

KiDi dashes ¢5000 to taxi Driver

Who would even return a pesewa in such a hard time? But this taxi motorist was incredibly good to resist the temptation of money in such hardship.

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Newly ricchypez.com has found a new video following the news.

Kidi a Ghanaian musician lately crowned as artists of the year and new ambassador for KFC has follow and surprise this taxi driver.

Such reward are very rare as to appreciate a good deed that one did not benefit from.

KiDi has done the unthinkable, out of the blues he had surprise this taxi driver with an amount of ¢5000.

From the scene we saw how happy and thankful the taxi driver was.

This has really contributed to the saying good deed pays a lot.

Watch the video below





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