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Panic; Dementor (Ficticious Creature in Harry Potter) Appears in the sky; viral video


Dementor was a gliding, wraithlike Dark creature, widely considered to be one of the foulest of the dark creatures to inhabit the wizarding world. Dementors fed on human happiness and thus generated feelings of depression and despair in any person in close proximity to them. They could also consume a person’s soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus were often referred to as “soul-sucking fiends“, and the people they left soulless were deemed to have been turned into an “empty-shell”.

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Dementors were closely associated with Azkaban, as they were formerly employed by the British Ministry of Magic as the prison guards, and were not known to permanently inhabit any other location.

The Dementors of Azkaban were under the employ of the Ministry until mid-1996, when Lord Voldemort was sighted in the Ministry, and their defection to the Dark Lord’s cause became undeniable. After the end of the Second Wizarding War in 1998, the Ministry was re-formed, and newly-appointed Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt ensured that they were not used by the government again, presumably due to their changing allegiance and support of Voldemort, and due to ethical reforms in the Ministry and Wizarding society at large.

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There were certain defences one could use against Dementors, specifically the Patronus Charm. Dementors held no true loyalty, except to whoever could provide them with the most people to feed on. They seemingly could not be destroyed, though their numbers could be limited if the conditions in which they multiply were prevented from forming, implying that they did die off eventually.

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A video, we came across not long ago, had it that a dementor was a video by a person in a cloudy sky.

It tells, that the Dementor didn’t vanish upon appearing, it stay up to 30 minutes before it went.

Watch video below,

Skip to 1:36


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