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Meet The tribe Who Sends Snake to arrest thieves

The tribe Who Sends Snake to arrest thieves

Tribe Who Sends Snake to arrest thieves; This is very unusual to our part of the world, we think there is a lot happening out there.

But for our part of the world we are accustomed with different culture, where It is believe the gods would send their wrath on one who steals from others, so no one dares to touch something with no right of ownership.

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In the western culture we learnt Human personnel’s have been selected to see to it no one take something they don’t own and when one dares, this renowned personnel’s (POLICE) would have to investigate and find them, they also have every right to punish anyone who go against the set rules.

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Our author sight an video earlier in the afternoon, and after passing this video to other, a lot has showed much interest which sparked the publishing of this article.

It was so mind blowing to see a snake sent to arrest a thief a police search couldn’t find .

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it’s clear seen in the video the wrapped around the guy as it forces him his the square of the town where everyone was waiting for a miracle to happen.

A chief priestess performed a brief ritual  after the snake delivered the man unto them.

Watch the video below


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