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Snake Slithers Into Police Station And Jumps At Man In the sense of Attacking

Snake Slithers Into Police Station

Snake Slithers Into Police Station; CCTV captured is the hilarious moment a snake slithered into a police station and leapt up at a visitor sitting in the waiting room.

The man was reporting an incident at the station in northern Thailand, on Saturday (8/12) afternoon when the serpent scaled a disabled ramp – then slid in through the open front door.

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Snake Slithers Into Police Station
Snake Slithers Into Police Station And Jumps At Man

The dark black rat snake glided over to the man – who glanced down when it was just a few inches from him. The pair both panicked, and the snake reared up and jumped at the man’s legs.

CCTV cameras from the station captured the incredible scene as the man,, began frantically trying to remove the 6ft long reptile.

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Hw eventually managed to grasp the snake by its head and its tail as an officer walked out to the front desk after hearing the commotion. Hilariously, the man even offered the policeman the snake – who flinched with fright and quickly waved him away towards the front door, where the snake was released into bushes on the other side of the car park.

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