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Amazing images of a yellow penguin that no one has seen before

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Amazing images of a yellow penguin

Eve Adams is a very successful photographer. It so happened that he ended up on a small island in the South Atlantic Ocean, where a very rare yellow penguin lived.

The Photographer

The photographer managed to take a picture of him. Images of the yellow penguin quickly spread all over the Internet.

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He has been photographing wildlife since childhood. He always tried to look for rare animals and beautiful landscapes in nature.

In December 2019, he went to the South Atlantic to participate in the expedition.


He stayed on South Georgia Island to photograph the king penguin colony, which consisted of over 120,000 penguins.

It was here that he spotted an exceptional penguin. It was yellow like a banana. The photographer was delighted. His photographs became exceptional and quickly went viral on the Internet.



The unique yellow color of penguins is caused by a genetic mutation, which in turn causes a partial loss of pigmentation. It’s called leukemia.

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Usually, only some of the feathers change color, while the little chio is almost completely yellow, which is also considered a natural phenomenon.

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yellow penguin

According to research, the chance of getting leukemia is very low, which shows that this penguin is indeed very rare.

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