Wild Life
Wild Life

Cute Cat Ernest Had to Massages His Friends Pigs Every Afternoon After Playing

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The pigs will lay down and then Ernest hops up calm down the pigs again all four of them are laid in a row and he just goes from one to the next

Cute Cat Ernest
Cute Cat Ernest

His Friends the Pigs

that’s pretty cute the pigs are very very friendly and he wants to be part of the group he wants

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he’s part of the fun he thinks it’s really a warm and relaxing place and the pigs are snuggly

I just started with some rubbing up against him but he looks all over

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He seems rather particular to their ears massaging But the pigs really like belly rubs

Ernest rubs up against them

Do Ernest just love everybody?

He’s very curious. he’s not hanging out with his cats he’s always up on a fence post watching and observing the animals

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alpacas house pigs, goats, sheep cats and chickens
everybody here is friends they’re all together they touch noses a lot it’s just a happy place

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