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Mother Elephant can’t stop grievance loosing her first calf, carries dead body in her trunk. Watch

Mother Elephant can’t stop grievance

It is not discernible that Newly born creatures die.

If nature was to be fair youngsters would not die for the aged to live.

But who dares challenge nature. And if anyone does, what power does one hold to correct the wrong that nature posses at us.

We, humans, are different from other creatures (animal) but the difference is not that vase.

They do what we do but in a different manner.

A video chanced by richhypez.com minutes ago is very heartbreaking.

Mother Elephant
Mother Elephant loses calf

A mother elephant carries the body of her head calf in her trunk everywhere it goes.

Hoping the calf isn’t dead.

It’s very sad though but nothing can be done to change the happened

Watch video below




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