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Lion react unexpectedly as Zoo attendant tries to catch It’s Baby

When it comes to protecting their babies, any animal can be terrifying. But it’s more than that if we’re talking about a lioness mother. Anyway, it appears that hanging out with huge lions is merely part of this zookeeper’s regular routine. Kevin Richardson works at a South African zoo, and nothing brings him greater joy than his favorite lioness and her cubs.

Kevin may be seen in the video below having a great time with a fearsome lioness and her offspring. Kevin is being kissed and cuddled by the lion, just like any loyal pet. And the man isn’t the least bit afraid as he casually strokes the enormous beast.


Anyway, my pulse was thumping like crazy as I saw Kevin approaching the cubs. But it’s a great surprise to watch how the overprotective mother allowed her human buddy to look after her adorable young children. And it’s all done without a care in the world.


Every animal lover, I’m sure, is awestruck by the sight of this magnificent relationship of love and trust between the lioness and her caretaker. At the conclusion of the video, when they were all cuddled up, it simply broke my heart.

Watch the video to see for yourself what a lovely link of trust exists between a human and a powerful beast!




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