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Wild Life

Hungry Foxes Show Up At Woman’s Window for food Every night

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Hungry Foxes Show Up At Woman’s Window

Lets learn about foxes before watching the video and remember to share after watching.

Got Foxes? Here’s 6 Fox Facts You Likely Didn’t Know


Fascinating Fox Facts

1. Foxes are more like cats than dogs

Similar to cats, foxes are nocturnal. Due to their vertically slanted pupils, they have increased visibility in dim light. Foxes also climb trees, use their whiskers to navigate and even stalk their prey like cats. Grey foxes can retract their claws, too — just like cats.  Grey foxes also more closely resemble cats, while red foxes have a similar appearance to dogs. Additionally, male foxes are called dogs while female foxes are called vixens. Foxes even tread like cats, using the balls of their feet to silently and elegantly stride.

2. Foxes live in underground dens

Fox families, also known as a skulk or leash of foxes, live in underground dens. When the vixen has her pups — a litter of foxes can range between one and 11 pups — they live in the den together for seven months while the pups grow. The pups live in the den with the vixen, while the dog fox gathers food.  These underground dens also provide shelter from predators, such as coyotes, wolves, and bears. Humans, however, pose the largest threat to foxes. While no homeowner wants foxes meandering around their property, there are safe ways to remove them without harming or killing them.

3. Foxes make 40 different sounds

What does the fox say? As it turns out, foxes can produce a variety of sounds — up to 40 to be exact. The most noticeable is their scream-like howl, which is sure to send a shiver up your spine.  Gekkering, a series of guttural chattering, is also the most common noises made by foxes, especially in a dispute. Foxes, specifically red foxes, are highly territorial. In the event another fox intrudes into its territory, foxes are likely to chatter loudly back and forth in defense of their home. Watch this video to hear a variety of red fox chatters.

4. Foxes are solitary

Unlike their coyote and canine relatives, foxes are solitary creatures. They prefer to hunt and sleep alone, except when they’re busy raising their young in their den.

5. Foxes have impeccable hearing

It’s reported that red foxes can hear a watch ticking from 40 yards away! Their impeccable hearing helps them to identify prey underground. What’s even more interesting is that foxes use the Earth’s magnetic field to locate their prey. That, in combination with their sensitive hearing, makes them pretty fierce predators. Watch a red fox catch a mouse in the snow, here.

6. Foxes are extremely playful

Foxes love to play. They’re even known to steal golf balls from golf courses to play with! Foxes play alone, with other foxes and other animals — even deer! If anything, it makes for some adorable backyard entertainment.



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