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Wild Life

Screaming to Rescue a Farmer Who Was Eaten by a 50kg Giant Python

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5 31 2022 8 20 22 PM

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Rescue a Farmer Who Was Eaten by a 50kg Giant Python

Screaming, Screaming to Rescue a Farmer wrapped in a 50kg Giant Python

Beautiful, but if she didn’t eat one, the guys saved her thanks to them, she will find another victim, just kill her and don’t be afraid. This is certainly not humane, but human life is more expensive.

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OMG. 😱 It’s so big. So scary, it almost kills the man. You guys did a very good job, saved the man’s life.
Really good job on bringing your friend back I thought he was gone. Big Burmese pythons are really dangerous especially Wild Ones I’m so happy you guys didn’t kill her just relocated her was great. I’m really happy for your friend I’m happy that he still alive
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My respects, for these brave heroes, without capes. They saved a man
I’m so happy he’s alive. They should be more cautious, never go ahead of the team and hunt for snake alone. Hunt in groups
These guys are “professional” snake catchers. They said to grab the snake bag they caught earlier with them while taking the anaconda away. It almost broke the guy who held the head at one point. Not sure if this video is staged. The anaconda is kinda calm


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