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The Turtles Defend Against Snakes is very amazing. watch

How The Turtles Defend Against Snakes

Fun and Interesting Facts About Tortoises/Turtles and Turtles
  • Tortoises Are Ancient. .
  • They Can Live a Very Long Time. .
  • They Can Live Almost Anywhere. .
  • Turtle Shells Are Complex. .
  • A Group of Tortoises is Called a Creep.
  • The Scales on a Tortoise Shell Are Known as Scutes.
  • The Colour of the Shell Indicates Origin.

They have both an exoskeleton, which is their outer hard shell, and an endoskeleton, which provides structure for the inside of the body

watch how the tortoise/turtle defends themselves from preys and remember to share after watching.



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