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Scary Crocodile Encounters You Should Avoid Watching

5 Scary Crocodile Encounters You Should Avoid Watching

Here’s a compilation video full of scary animal encounters, attacks, charges and interactions. You will watch tourists and other innocent people come across wild animals like bears, sharks, tigers, hippos, crocodiles, alligators, anacondas (snakes), mountain lions (cougars) and more.

In this video, we show a variety of animal encounter clips from rhino charges, elephant attacks, bear luff charges, cheetah close calls, sharg cage diving clips and more.

Luckily, these interactions in between humans and wildlife were caught on camera for the world to see. The outdoors can definitely be a chilling place for hikers, campers, hunters and mountain bikers if you don’t come prepared and armed with a gun/rifle or bear spray.




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