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10 most dangerous Island that no one Ever talks About. watch video

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10 most dangerous Island; An island is a body of land surrounded by water

Continents are also surrounded by water, but because they are so big, they are not considered islands. Australia, the smallest continent, is more than three times the size of Greenland, the largest island.

Island Formation

There are six major kinds of islands:

  1. continental
  2.  tidal
  3. barrier
  4. oceanic
  5. coral
  6. artificial
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10 most dangerous Island
10 most dangerous Island

Scientists say that millions of years ago, there was only one large continent.

This supercontinent was called Pangaea. Eventually, slow movements of the Earth’s crust broke apart Pangaea into several pieces that began to drift apart.

When the breakup occurred, some large chunks of land split. These fragments of land became islands.

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 why are some Island dangerous?

our research says, Island are body of lands, which is naturally isolated or exiled mainly to serve a purpose.

Most Animals find shelter within an isolated communities and by such, nature is too smart to isolate those portion of land for them.

Imagine establishing a community where you feel much safer and somehow controlling your wills and something from no where invades, you might think it is a threat and must be eliminated.

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It feels the same ways for this Animal habitants, and this has made it difficult for explorers to invade in such Island

watch below



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