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Snake slithers on the field at Missions game, Players took to their heels

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Snake slithers on the field at Missions game; MiLB.com is the official site of Minor League Baseball, MiLB leagues and its affiliated clubs, including game information and statistics, prospect news, video, online ticketing and much more.

MiLB.com features live full-game video streaming and on-demand highlights, up-to-the-moment scores and statistics, Triple-A All-Star Online Balloting, interactive fan voting contests such as #foodfight, Mascot Mania and Moniker Madness, mobile websites and apps, along with comprehensive editorial coverage of Minor League All-Star Games and playoffs.

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Snake slithers on the field at Missions game Players took to their heels
Snake slithers on the field at Missions game Players took to their heels

The MiLB.com network annually attracts millions of baseball fans worldwide. The MiLB.com network is made up of 159 teams in 14 leagues. Fourteen teams constitute the Triple-A International League.

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What exactly was the snakeheading there for? we guess it  might have lost it way to somewhere.

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For the second day in a row, an animal interrupts the Frisco, San Antonio game. This time it’s a snake!

It somehow funny as some author at Richhypez.com can hold their jaw up.

watch video below


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