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“Gobiraptor” New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Mongolia lived 80 million years ago

Gobiraptor was an oviraptorid dinosaur, and its fossil remains were discovered from the region of Mongolia in the year 2008.

They are known for their thickened jaws, which they used to feed on hard materials like seeds or eggs. They followed an omnivorous diet.

Researchers claim that they were rather small in size, like most other oviraptorids.

This particular species dates back to the Maastrichtian period, which was almost 72.1-66 million years ago.

Like all other dinosaurs, Gobiraptors, too, reproduced by laying eggs. After the hatching of the eggs occurred, new juveniles were born.

Gobiraptor was a feathered bird-like dinosaur. The exact body length or height of this particular dinosaur is not yet known.

Since most other oviraptorid dinosaurs were small in size, it can be safely assumed that Gobiraptors had a similar body size.

A unique physical characteristic of Gobiraptor is their thickened jaw. It is unknown if they were slimy or had strong teeth.

Gobirapator lived in the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia. Some of its fossils were recovered from the same region as well.

Like all other species of dinosaurs, Gobiraptor, too, reproduced by laying eggs.


The new species (Gobiraptor minutus) was named in the year 2019 by Dr. Sungjin Lee, Anusuya Chinsamy, Yuong-Nam Lee, Rinchen Barsbold, Lü Junchang, and Khishigjav Tsogtbaatar.

Upon the discovery of the skeleton of this particular genus, a team was formed to examine it.

The group consisted of paleontologists from China’s Institute of Geology, Seoul National University, and the University of Cape Town.


We’ve been unable to source an image of Gobiraptor and have used an image of T-Rex instead.













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