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Horrified – this man wrestled with a giant python weighing 500kg in the ditch

man wrestled with a giant python

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We caution everyone, this video you are about to watch are not fact based. It’s fictitious and was staged. No animals was hurt in staging this scene.

below are details of the song used in this video.


Man appears on set from nowhere as he slipped into a ditch of Python. The python takes a hide under the shrubs. It needs a cool place to take a nap.

He noticed the presence of the python and called a friend to help fish out the hiding python.

giant python
giant python

They began the search with no sense of fear, where the python might be hiding and what if it attacks suddenly, Do they stand a chance should the python attacks?

We guess they might have considered all possible risk before embarking on the python search.

giant python

After hours search One finally eyed the Python laid quietly under the shrubs. The other non hesitantly joined to pull it out.

With great vigor they pulled the Python out.

Such a great team work.

watch video below.

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