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Police storms Diamond Appiah’s house to @rrest her over unpaid debts – Details

Diamond Appiah, a self-described billionaire, is reportedly in jeopardy as police raid her home to take her into custody for outstanding debt.

An Instagram user named Tutugyagya revealed the news on her post with images of Diamond Appiah’s home and her collection of vehicles.
There are rumors that Diamond Appiah owes some people money but has chosen not to settle the loan. Diamond Appiah is said to travel about town in an Uber and disguise herself when she leaves the house by wearing a veil.

The blogger wrote on her page…

“Ghana Police storms Diamond P3t3 Appiah’s ‘house’ to arrest her over some unpaid debts. A close source confirms she refused to come out of the house. I was also told the house looked very dirty(as if nobody lives there)… The whole house is unfurnished. Neighbors also claim she lives in one room upstairs (the place she claims to be her office). And she goes out in Uber and covers her head with a veil so she’s unnoticed. Her so-called G-Wagon was spotted in the house looking very old and dirty, with flat tires 🛞, the same as her 2017 Toyota Venza. Her swimming pool is also covered with spirogyra. Where’s her house help, security, etc? If I tell y’all how lonely this woman is, y’all think I’m lying 😭. Police declare her wanted if she keeps playing hide and seek with them. More details dropping in a jiffy.”


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