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A man who loves you will borrow money to marry you – Actress Christabel Egbenya tells women

Talented Nigerian actress, Christabel Egbenya, has dropped a very controversial take on marriage.

The movie star had spoken on her talk show about how men know what they want and would do anything to marry a woman they are sure about.

According to her, if a man truly wants and loves a woman, he will even go to the extent of borrowing money to finance their wedding because hr hs found a jewel and doesn’t want to lose it for anything else.

In a part of her video, she said;

“When a man wants to marry you, he will not delay you. Men actually know what they want. If a man is in love with you and wants to marry you, he will not waste time, he will even borrow money sef, he might not tell you.”

As opined by Christable, if a man is telling a woman stories, then he is probably still getting to know her or is not comfortable with some of her actions.

She said: “If he’s telling you stories, maybe he’s still trying to know who you are, maybe he’s not comfortable with some of your attitude or character.”

Watch the video below to know more…

Below are some of the comments gathered under the viral video which has since received mixed reactions from social media users;

veevogee – Any woman who has sense wouldn’t allow her man borrow money to marry her.

isaac.chinwe – I don’t think she actually meant “ borrow per say” but the idea of men shying away from marrying whom they love with excuses of “NO MONEY “ if he truely want you, he will hustle to raise the money to marry you Cos loosing a lady he cherishes to another man who is ready won’t be funny to him. But the one that doesn’t really care, won’t bother and the lady will continue to wait on a guy who is not ready to Mary yet.
Ladies grab the message sha!

kinky_vee – A woman who truly loves her man will not allow him borrow money just to marry her. Except on very rare crucial cases. And Anybody who comes online to take marriage or relationship advice from “all these people”is heading for doom.

bbenefitt – Una nor they understand English , she is trying to let you girls know that men know what they want and they can do everything to make sure to marry the one they love , the man can even borrow money because he loves you . She is just telling you man know what they want . She did not say men go and borrow money and marry who you love . Normally they are some fullish men who borrow money to Marry , that is bad. Men really know what they want and who they love .

rubies_closet_ – Any man that will need borrow money to marry, is not ready for marriage. You can imagine you borrowing money to start a foundation of a building? Where will you get money to start the main building? The world is no longer as before. Save money and plan very well to marry.


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