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Ayisha Modi flaunts her lavish living room

Ayisha Modi has stylishly replied to Diamond Appiah’s false claims that she’s currently homeless and squats with one of her close friends.

As we all know, Ayisha Modi and Diamond Appiah have been throwing shades at each either for close to a year now and it seems they are not ending anytime soon.

Just about two days ago, Diamond Appiah went on IG live to mock and ridicule Ayisha Modi for being an audio billionaire.

She claimed that all the expensive things she flaunts on the internet are borrowed and not in her name.

Ayisha Modi has reacted to these claims by Diamond Appiah by giving Ghanaians a sneak peek into her lavish living room to dismiss her rubbish talks about her

In this video, Ayisha Modi wore her hair dyed brown and was clad in a red jumpsuit, which exaggerated her newly snatched body.

The room, which had a royal feel to its interior, had silvery furniture from the dining table to the sofas in the hall.

The flooring was all tiled up with ash-coloured wall curtains to match a small carpet beside the diner.

Meanwhile, see the beautiful interior of the room in the video below.


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