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These celebrities take fashion to the next level with minimal effort

While dressing to look cute can be challenging, especially since this part of the world experiences heat waves almost every day, it’s not to say an outfit can’t still be fashion-forward.

The idea of dressing oneself to stay in vogue is less hectic for many living in cold countries than in sub-saharan countries.

Over the past few months, celebrities who are pacesetters have shown that there is an art to looking stylish without breaking the bank.

Look at the number of fashion trends that have arisen over the past few weeks; they all serve as easy hacks for looking fabulous.

Among celebrities’ clothing choices, joggers, t-shirts, neatly stitched dresses for big events, jean shorts, and streamlined bodycon dresses are classic and easy to style.

In terms of accessories, stars have had a little more fun, choosing elevated flip-flop heels or bags that ooze quiet elegance.

Scroll down to know who made the list:


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