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4Cedi Loan: How To Get a sum of ghc100 to ghc10,000 without collateral using this app.


4Cedi Loan: How To Get a sum of ghc100 to ghc10,000 without collateral using this app.


The 4cedi loan app is a Fintech app that gives instant mobile loan to Ghanaian mobile users. It offers a range of personal loans to their customers that get approved without collateral. Their loans are available for in a range of time periods with fixed or variable interest rates, and your chances of getting higher loan increases when you repay your loans on time.

This article will give you a brief overview of how to get a sum of ghc100 to ghc10,000 without collateral using the 4cedi loan app.

What is 4cedi Loan?

4Cedi is an instant mobile loan app, which gives instant access to loans without the need of collateral.

You need to fill your correct personal information and a loan offer will be available to you in a jiffy.

What is the Interest Rate of 4cedi Loan?

The 4cedi loan interest rate ranges from 10% to 29% per annum.
Service charge: 0%.

For example:
If you apply for a loan of GHS20,00, the term is 150 days and the annual interest rate is 20%.

So the daily interest rate=20%/365=0.055%, the interest for 150 days =2000×20%/365×150=164, the totally repayment=2000+164= 2164

How much loan can 4cedi loan give?

4cedi loan offers a Loan Amount of GHS100 ~ GHS10000 – You can only be getting higher loan with lower interest when pay your loan on time.

What is 4cedi Loan term tenure?

4cedi’s Loan Term tenure starts from 7 days to 365 days depending on the amount loaned.

Who Is Eligible For 4Cedi Loan?

The Eligibility of the 4cedi Loan Application are:

  1. The applicant must be a Citizen of Ghana
  2. The applicant must be at the Ages of 22 to 55
  3. The applicant must Fill in the correct personal information about themselves.

How to contact 4cedi loan support team?

Below are the contact information of 4cedi loan, office address and their working hours.

Contact us: 0599606630
Service Email:
Address:15 Ring Rd Link, Accra,GHANA
– operating hours:09:00-18:00

How To Apply For 4Cedi Loan?

Now, I am certain that almost all the questions buzzing your mind are answered, it’s time we tackle the actual loan application aspect!

To Apply for the 4Cedi Loan, You will need to download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Here To Download)

After the app is successfully installed, Lunch/Open it.

4cedi Sign up

As shown in the Screenshot Above, Fill in the space provided,

  • Phone (054588****)
  • Code(Click on GET, and you shall receive the code to use)
  • Pin (Enter a password you will remember)

Tick “I agree to the Privacy Policy” and Click on Sign Up.

Ps: When you type your phone number, you shall receive a One-time code, use that in the “Enter the OTP” Space.

Borrow Now

If you don’t see a page similar to the one below with Borrow Now botton, you should see a page with Test botton. Click on the Test or Borrow Now Botton.

Personal Information

A shown in the Screenshot below, provide accurate information about you to begin with your loan application.

  • Take photos of old or new Voter ID Card (Make sure is clear)
  • Name (First Name, second and last)
  • Voter ID Number
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Your date of birth

After you should click on NEXT.

Basic Information

Provide Basic Information About yourself.

Company Details

  • Company Name
  • Company Phone/Contact number
  • Company Location

Emergency Contacts

Over here, select two contacts number to serve as Reference. NB: They won’t call them unless you are unable to pay for your loan. Click on NEXT to proceed.

Bank Information

Provide the details of the bank you want to receive your loan into.

  • Bank Name (e.g Cal bank)
  • Branch Name (e.g Graphic Road Branch)
  • Bank account number
  • Email Address

Now click on Save.

Confirm Bank Account Information

You can’t modify the Bank Account details once submitted, so you must re-check your bank account account info before you submit.


Loan Application

After completion of all the necessary information, the loan offer will be available to you with the actual amount, interest rate, service fee, due amount and term tenure.

Please tick “I Agree to Borrowing Agreement” and Click on confirm.

You should receive your loan pretty soon.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to borrow money without a collateral using the 4cedi loan app. If you ever need to borrow money without a collateral, the 4cedi loan app is a great place for you.

This article provides important information on how to borrow a loan and get it approved in few minutes.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask them at 0599606630, you can as well share your thoughts with us in the comments – We would love to hear from you!







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