Bernard Danso Ntow, Chief Executive Officer of Dansworld International Services LimitedBernard Danso Ntow, Chief Executive Officer of Dansworld International Services Limited

In a period where everybody is so concerned about not contracting the deadly coronavirus, Dansworld CEO has asserted that we must clean and disinfect both private and public places and homes.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dansworld International Services Limited (DISL), Bernard Danso Ntow made the remarks when he shared his views on the current Coronavirus pandemic as an industry player in cleanliness and fumigation.

Responding to journalists on what his company is doing to contribute towards the outbreak of the viral disease, he responded that, “We are offering discounts to clean and fumigate public and private places/homes. It is important that we consider a dual cleaning and preventive measure as we take care of our personal hygiene, we must also take care of cleaning our homes, offices, public places and disinfecting them”.

He also added that considering the directive from the Presidency to close schools, churches, etc., it’s also important that these places are cleaned and disinfected now and also the homes where people will be settling also fumigated.

Dansworld which specializes in general cleaning, fumigation, and many sanitary services believes that we all need to be extra vigilant and engage in a lot of cleaning activities.

The Chief Executive Officer indicated that there is the need for an all on deck approach when it comes to cleaning, disinfecting and taking personal care to ensure that many people do not contract this deadly viral infection.

He concluded by saying that, we have the resources to clean and disinfect both homes, offices, public and private places and we are therefore offering our services at a discount to help each other in this era of Coronavirus scare.