Kumawood actress Maame Serwaa answers Ghanaians on why most celebrities remember the dead.

Some people argue that celebrities in Ghana post people they don’t even know when they die and sometimes forget to celebrate their own people.

In a deep piece of information shared on her Instagram handle, Maame Serwaa took her time to make things clear.

Below is her convincing response to all with such thoughts:

“We don’t post the dead to prove we love them. We only post people when they die because we’re scared and we want to remind each other all we got is us.

All that pride and pushing people away because of prestige. We post the dead because we want to remind ourselves we’re all equal.

Famous people die, unknown people die, all manner of people die. We sometimes post famous people even tho we don’t know them personally but we still share their photos because, because we want to remind each other that we’re equal….” – Maame Serwaa wrote and continued.