Musician Mzbel has had her long history of beefs with Prophet Nigel Gaisie for reasons best known to them.

The “16years’ crooner has on several occasions called Nigel a fake prophet and even issued threats that if he does not compensate her, she’ll be forced to spill some of her secrets.

The songstress called on the NDC to forget about him and his prophecies because they are not of God but just predictions from an Islamic cleric who he copied from just for fame and also to get money from the NDC.

She said “My people (NDC & JM) let’s focus on Hard work and Truth and Ignore all these so-called Men of God!! 70% of Nigel’s Gaise Prophecy is from Mallam Sham-Una’s private conversation with a few top people that Nigel knows… and even though the Mallam wanted to wait for a couple of research before putting figures out Nigel revealed the 52.1 % that the man didn’t want to put out yet!!! More filla coming up soon including personal heartbreaking and shocking experience with Nigel Gaise.”

The songstress in another post on Facebook asked for compensation or she spills the beans on some secretes she has on Nigel Gaisie.

“Nigel seriously by the end of next week if I don’t get the compensation we all agreed on at the last meeting with your people, I swear on my ancestors, I will proceed with my legal action and the whole world will get to know with total evidence why you’ve been asked to compensate me! Foolish filthy boy!.”

As you might all know, Kennedy Agyapong is now exposing the dirty ass of Nigel and if anyone should be so excited, it should be Mzbel. Because when she was making these comments no one took her seriously. More so, the very things Ken Agyapong is revealing about Nigel is like a shadow of all that Mzbel said in time past.

Taking to social media in reaction to the recent development, Mzbel posted a photo of herself with the caption: “Vindicated”.