Shatta Movement Militant, Natty Lee is out with a new song titled ‘Social Media Millionaire’.

The song conceptualizes how people live fake lives on social media whiles in reality, they have nothing.

The fast-rising musician in one of the scenes in the music video used photos of social media sensation, Shatta Bandle.

As it stands, Richhypez has been informed by a deep throat source in the camp of Shatta Bandle that the Young Rich Nigga is set to sue Natty Lee for copyright violations.


Shatta Bandle according to the source is not happy with how Natty Lee used photos of him in his ‘Social Media Millionaire’ song without asking the necessary permissions.

The source told us that Shatta Bandle intends to demand a huge amount of money and that’s the only way he can be appeased.


Watch the video below:

We have messaged the management of Natty Lee to ask them if these allegations are true that they didn’t ask permission from Shatta Bandle before using him in their music video?

We sent a message to the management of Shatta Bandle for them to also confirm or deny the rumours.

They are both yet to respond to our messages.