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I Was Sent Out off home Because Of My Music Career – Kofi Jamar


I Was Sent Out off home Because Of My Music Career – Kofi Jamar

Kofi Jamar has admitted that he had to live elsewhere in order to pursue his music career.

In an exclusive interview with presenter Akua Sika on Happy 97.9FM’s Evening Drive, the “Ekor So” hitmaker said that his parents did not support his ambition to pursue music and wanted to see him continue his schooling after secondary school.

Then, he recalled, “they wanted me to go to the university to pursue my studies; I had to leave home and struggle on my own since I’m a guy; I found a studio nearby that I could remain in and figure out how I might approach my music career.”

He said that he worked a few odd jobs to supplement his income and help pay for his studio sessions. As he explained, “I had to change things up and do other professions that may assist me in making money to support my career; I even went as far as being a security person to get money into my pocket to take care of myself during that time I had studio sessions.”

He claimed that at most he would be seen at home twice a month as a motivated 19-year-old musician. He said, “I was seen at home one or two times every month, and even then, it was only to pick up something.”

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