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LoanPro Instant Loan: Get Up to ¢1000 Instant Mobile Loan In Ghana With LoanPro App.


LoanPro Instant Loan: Get Up to ¢1000 Instant Mobile Loan In Ghana With LoanPro App.

If there’s anything we must applaud technology for, Fintech must be one facet technology deserves to hurray – Since it has automated delivery and enhanced the use of financial services.

The inception of Fintech has Aid Mankind in various ways which Instant Mobile Loan is among.

Acquiring a Loan In Africa, Precisely In Ghana Is not guaranteed to be given either from the Bank, friend or a family member – Due to this people always find it tremendously difficult to implement their business ideas.

However, the introduction of Instant Mobile Loan Apps In Ghana has come to ease our pain.

In This Article, we shall talk about how to get an Instant loan from LoanPro.

What Is LoanPro?

I heard you ask, What is LoanPro? – Well, LoanPro is an Instant Mobile Loan App in Ghana that offers flexible Loan Products. i.e. Online Instant Loans in Ghana, Super Loan and Better Loans.

LoanPro is a Product of Sikapurse, a leading Lending app in Ghana.

Who Is Eligible For LoanPro’s Loan?

The Eligibility of the LoanPro Loan Application are:

1、Applicant must a citizen of Ghana
2、Applicant must at the ages of 20 to 55
3、Applicant must have a valid voter ID and mobile wallet.

What Makes LoanPro a Better Option than It Competitors?

You might have heard of lots of Mobile Loan apps in Ghana, So, You may be wondering why you should choose LoanPro Over the Others.

Below are the reason why you should Choose LoanPro;

  1. LoanPro Have No Hidden Charges
  2. You can get a loan of up to Gh¢ 5,000
  3. You Can/Will Choose your payment Tenure
  4. LoanPro team Are Available 24/7
  5. LoanPro is Secure, Reliable and Flexible
  6. LoanPro Provide Credit Decision.

LoanPro Interest Rate?

The interest rate for LoanPro starts from 10% to 25% per annum with a maximum Annual interest Rate(AP) of :25%.

For example, if you apply for a loan of GHS 1,000, the term is 150 days and the annual interest rate is 18.25%.

So the daily interest rate=18.25%/365=0.05%, the interest for 150 days =GHS 1,000×18.25%/365×150= GHS 75, the total repayment=GHS 1,000+GHS 75= GHS 1,075.

How to Apply for Instant Mobile Loan in Ghana With LoanPro App?

Now, I’m certain all the questions buzzing your mind are answered, let’s tackle the loan application aspect!

To Apply for the LoanPro’s Loan, You will need to download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Here To Download)

After the app is successfully installed, Lunch/Open it.

LoanPro Account Creation

As shown in the Screenshot Above, Fill in the space provided, Tick “I agree to the Privacy Policy” and Click on Submit.

Ps: When you type your phone number, LoanPro shall you a a One-time code, use that in the “Enter the OTP” Space.

After a successful account creation, you’d be taking to a page where you will have to provide some basic information about yourself.

Personal Information

It is required you take a picture of your ID card. i.e. VOTER’S ID(Old Or New).

As illustrated in the below image, click on the Camera to capture your ID.

NB: Make Sure the Photo is clear and complete, you can’t modify it once you click on NEXT!

Now, Type/select Your:-

  1. Name (First Name, Last Name and Middle Name – If You have)
  2. VOTER’S ID number
  3. Select Your Gender
  4. What is Your Date Of Birth? – Select that Here –

Please do check all information is accurate before you click on NEXT!

Company Information and Emergency Contacts

• On this page, Provide your company’s name or your place of work

• Enter your company’s mobile phone number, in my case, I used my own number.

• Where is your company situated, or where do you reside? Select that Here.

Under the Emergency Contacts, select two people as references.

Don’t worry, they will not call them. SikaPurse will only call these people when you can’t pay back your loan.

MOMO Wallet Information

Last, you must provide your MOMO number to enable LoanPro disbursed the loan to you once approved.

Select your Vendor (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo)


Type on your Mobile Number.

Tap on Get Code, and type in the code you received on your number to verify.

To avoid any inconvenience, please check this information keenly well to make sure there’s no mistake here…

Any error made be you will result in LoanPro disbursing the loan to a wrong number which you can’t hold LoanPro responsible.

When all the information is accurate, Click on Submit.


Now that you’ve provided all the necessary information about yourself, click on APPLY NOW.

Note: LoanPro gives Ghc100 as a starter and once you pay your loan on time, they increases your loan offer.



Selfie Time

LoanPro requires you take a selfie photo to prove you truly wants to borrow the money.

When you are done taking the selfie, Click next to proceed.

After a successful selfie photo submission, your loan application will be under review.

LoanPro will can you in no time to verify whether they should disburse the money or they should cancel.

Once you consent to it, your loan will hit your MOMO Wallet in now time.

LoanPro Contact Information

Call Loan Pro On: 0565945486

LoanPro Email: [email protected]

LoanPro Location

LoanPro Address : Spintex Rd Opposite ICGC, Accra, GHANA.


We are done for today, I hope this article helps you get an instant loan from LoanPro.

However, You can as well try these lenders CashNow, Sikawura, LoanClub, Crestcash, BegyeBosea, Credxter, 4Cedi, Sikapurse, Fido.







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