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Love No Dey Exist “it’s all a hoax” — Yvonne Nelson Cries Out.


Love No Dey Exist “it’s all a hoax” — Yvonne Nelson Cries Out.

Actress Yvonne Nelson has utterly discredited the idea of love by asserting that there is nothing like it in the world.

Recently, a very bitter Yvonne made an appearance on a radio show and thoroughly dissed the idea of love.

“Love doesn’t exist, and it’s all a hoax,” says the Ghanaian actress.

She was questioned about whether she had ever been loved, and when the surprised host inquired, he was taken away by her vehemence.

Although Yvonne asserts that she always has love to give in her relationships, the men she meets never do.

She claimed that every man she has dated has entered her life for selfish goals, teaching her to be skeptical of the concept of love.

Yvonne has dated a lot of famous people, including Iyanya, Ice Prince, and most recently Jamie Roberts, the photographer who is the father of her child.

Maybe she shouldn’t be surprised that she can’t find love among such vapid, unstable famous people!

She may start looking for a real man who isn’t obsessed with being famous!

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