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Man Runs for His Life as Massive Snake Goes After Car: “Snake Is Now the Proud Owner of a Land Rover”


Man Runs for His Life as Massive Snake Goes After Car: “Snake Is Now the Proud Owner of a Land Rover”

  • An online user shared a creepy video of a Land Rover being pursued by a large snake on social media recently
  • The viral TikTok clip shows the reptile going after the vehicle and a terrified man running out for safety
  • Several online users questioned whether it was a good idea to run out of the car and into the bush

A goosebump-raising video of a massive snake chasing a car was shared online and online users could not help but share their laughs and reactions. A video of a man running out a car as a large snake approaches was shared online recently.

Massive Snake, Land Rover, South Africa, TikTok

The clip was shared by online user @iamhe1di on TikTok and sees the large and long reptile go after a Land Rover. One of the men in the clip is seen running out of the car in an attempt to evade the snake. It is not clear what type of snake it is but the video is giving serious ‘anaconda horror movie vibes’.

Online users have questioned the logic of running out of the vehicle saying the man would have been safer if he stayed inside.


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Below are some comments from users


Ryan Seitz

I’m not a genius, but shutting the doors and staying in the vehicle sounds like a logical thing to do?

Queen H · Creator

I think so it would be my idea

Bijai Kumar

drive over it

Y E S E N I A ✨

Explicame porque tiene las puertas y ventanas abiertas 🙄


Falei pra minha amiga para de assusta os outros assim, mas ela não me ouve

Mario Bentue Raso

pisala y se termino la vida de la suegra 😂😂😂


The guy running must have thought,, That Snake Is Gonna Eat The Car!! 😂😂

aww the snake made a discovery


Eu no desespero passava por cima

Roseangela Brito Monteiro

O melhor foi a pessoa que saiu de dentro do carro e foi correr pelo mato😂😂senhor 😂😂

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