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Mother discovers that her 13-year-old daughter is sleeping with her Science teacher at school


A heartbroken mother has written to a relationship coach, David Bondze-Mbir, on a sad discovery she made about her daughter. According to the concerned mother, she overheard her 13-year-old making a call with another friend of hers describing how she gave a bl0wj0b to her Science teacher at school.

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The mother is confused as to what to do in confronting her daughter and seeks the advice of the general public.

Read her message below:

My 13 years old daughter is engaged in sex. She usually uses my phone to talk to her schoolmates.

I trust my daughter, however, I couldn’t resist the urge to eavesdrop on one of her regular phone calls. She was talking to her friend describing how good she felt giving her Science teacher a blowjob.

I think her friend on phone engages in something similar because my daughter was asking about her experience with the Maths instructor. My daughter is a very good girl and I do not understand why she’s turned this way.

I know this is abuse but I am very disappointed in her.

I have been doing everything to train her right.

She lacks nothing. And she’s supposed to be telling me everything. She’s never told me about this, and she’s acting very normal and innocent. How do I confront her to make her confide in me with this kind of info?”

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