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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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    La Même Gang’s member RJZ accused of rape with proof


    La Même Gang’s member RJZ has been accused of rape on Twitter by a lady with proof that he probably did.

    A tweep Sexy Cassieo has accused La Même Gang’s member RJZ of raping a close friend of hers. She released a police statement and also their chat between RJZ as proof.

    She has vowed to expose RJZ and make every single aware that he is allegedly rapist who needs to be feared.

    Read her tweets below:

    “Over here is a police report the girl in question filed against @OneRJZ for raping her before she decided she didn’t want to go through with it again because he was popular and she was scared she’d be disgraced on twitter and her mum would be disappointed.”

    See The Report Below:

    She added that whether her friend likes it or not, RJZ will be sentenced to jail because they have gathered all the evidence to aid them to put him behind bars.

    Read The Tweet Below:

    “What I want RJZ to understand is .. Yes I’m exposing you on twitter so other girls can becareful around you but it doesn’t end there.. You’re still going to end up in jail cause whether she likes it or not .. we have all the needed evidence.. We just want it to be the right time.”

    Sexy Cassieo further said even if they would have to wait till the Coronavirus fades out so they press charges, they will.

    See The Tweet Below:

    “We don’t want to hear oh is corona so maybe house arrest .. if we have to wait 3 years for corona to vanish so we see you behind bars .. we will !!!”

    As if that was all, iPhone DJ’s name also popped up in the rape scandal. Sexy Cassieo alleged that a lot of ladies are accusing the Disc Jockey of rape but are yet to bring out solid evidence.

    See Photo Of iPhone DJ Below:

    Sexy said she will expose iPhone DJ when she gathers solid evidence.

    She tweeted:

    “Now to more relevant matters .. The IPhone DJ .. many girls are trouping to my DMs with similar stories and tbh rape isn’t the way.. Unfortunately for us we have no evidence of you forcing yourself on them except every female you’ve molested’s word but then best believe that.

    When I get any evidence against you I’d take it upon myself to see you’re dealt with by authorities.”

    Furthermore, a screenshot of RJZ’s Instagram chat with a close folk of the lady he allegedly raped was released.

    See The Screenshot Below:


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