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Saturday, January 22, 2022

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    Lady shows how her sister’s husband ‘mistakenly’ sucked her breast


    A lady has messaged relationship coach Joro Olumofin on how her sister’s husband got her breast sucked. She added that it wasn’t long though as the ‘regrettable’ event happened under 1 minute.

    Read her full message of how the thing happened below:

    “Joro Gd afternoon, Please help me. Last week I was at my sisters place. My sister went to market to buy food stuffs. That’s how my sister husband entered my room and started shouting rat rat rat. I jumped up on him , he said he was joking. I called him Ode and he laughed.

    Next thing he kiss my neck. My neck is my weak spot. I moaned small. Before I knew it he collected my breast to suck. I moan small. I collected my breast back and ran inside the room. Next thing he sent me 100k. I text him maka gini?

    He said I should hold it. I feel bad, I think my sisters daughter saw but she is 3 years. I feel shy to move about the house. Ladies, Stay woke men are scum “

    What do you have to tell this lady? Let your comments be heard in the comment box below!!!

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