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    Most Common Relationship Myths Ladies Need To Stop Believing


    Most Common Relationship Myths Ladies Need To Stop Believing

    There are so many false notions about relationships that we have built in our minds because of the various movies and series we watch.

    Most of these expectations will cause nothing but heartaches because we are in the real world and stuff happens. You cannot keep assuming that all these things are true, because you’ll keep getting heartaches and disappointments.
    Here are 5 common relationship myths you need to stop believing.

    • ¬†Men want women with perfect bodies

    And because of this you’re shy to wear certain clothes and even put yourself out there. You see your straight hips that you don’t like because you think they are looking at you someway? Hoh. Edey freak some other people pass! Your boobs you think that they are too small? Forget, that’s what some people like. You just need to be yourself and accept your body for what it is and don’t consider changing it because of what some boys think.

    • The best relationships are easy

    This is a lie. Relationships will have some frictions here and there as you start to figure out what type of person your partner is and how best to handle certain situations with them. There’s no pretence whatsoever and so it’s easy to understand each other and that’s what makes it look easy cuz you know your partner now after all the initial stress. There will still be some arguments here and there that can be squashed when you two come together.

    • You believe in soul mates

    Well, you are free to choose what you believe in but if it‚Äôs going to affect each and every relationship that could have been or that could have grown to become everything you‚Äôve hoped for and imagined, then that‚Äôs a real issue. A number of people believe that there is a specific man made for you sitting somewhere and they‚Äôre perfect. They are the ying to your yang and once you see them, you just know it and because of this, people have stayed in abusive relationships since they cannot imagine that someone else can love them the way their current ‚Äúsoulmate‚ÄĚ does. It doesn‚Äôt work like that. There isn‚Äôt a special someone waiting for you. You choose to fall in love with whoever you want and once the person loves you for you and you‚Äôre both willing to work on having a beautiful relationship, you‚Äôre fine

    • Healthy couples don‚Äôt argue

    This is one of the biggest myths ever. Yes, arguing a lot in a relationship isn’t ideal but a few arguments here and there is very normal. It helps you understand how your partner thinks and helps put you both on the same page; that is, if you resolve them well.

    • Opposites attract and those relationships last longer

    For some reason a number of ladies think that once you guys have opposite interests, it makes for a better relationship. In as much as this may be true because you tend to have a glimpse of each world and there’s always something new to talk about, there is also the chance that you will feel misunderstood and not appreciated enough because your partner doesn’t fully grasp what you’re about. This isn’t a one-fits-all situation as it may work for one couple and may not necessarily work for another.


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