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Saturday, January 22, 2022

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    Rev. Obofour finally opens up the real relationship between Obinim and himself


    Rev. Obofour has opened up on the relationship between himself and Obinim after the uprising that recently happened between them.

    The two prophets have been known for their prophetical works and wealth life living. However, both of them have been fighting themselves over who to be given the ‚Äėobofour'(Angelic) title.


    Obinim claims he‚Äôs the spiritual president and an angel of God sent down to heaven to help God‚Äôs children, Obofour on the other hand also claims he‚Äôs the real angel from God so Obinim must accord him that respect and address him as such. In fact, the saga between them has continued time over time but currently after Obofour replied Obinim of ‚Äėstealing‚Äô his production crew
    and exposing his real-life he’s into, Obinim seems quite and guilty.


    Well, Zionfelix interviewed Rev.Obofour whilst celebrating his daughter’s birthday. As part of their conversation, the A.P.C head pastor and founder asserted that in spite of the menace that happened between him and obinim, they are still brothers.

    This is how real brothers should be if truly Obofour means his words. Well, we are waiting for obinim to come out as well


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