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    Sandra Ankobiah Finally Reveals Why She Has Abandoned Law To Slay


    Sandra Ankobiah Finally Reveals Why She Has Abandoned Law To Slay

    Popular Ghanaian female laywer, Fashionista and philanthropist (Sandra Ankobiah) has for the very first time; shed light upon her decision to abandon her law profession to pursuit slaying.

    The occasional law practitioner who is accustomed in the media space marked by her convetousness has disclosed that ‚Äď she has no interest in her field of practise ( Law) anymore.

    Contemplating on why a person of her calibre would abandon such professional feat to just slay might be quite elusive but all the same she has detailed her reasons during an interview with an Accra based radio station.

    According Sandra Ankobiah ;

    I love being a lawyer but after I got called to the BAR, I realized that it wasn‚Äôt attractive and I wasn‚Äôt enjoying the courtroom as I thought it will be. I felt litigation in Ghana was not attractive and our processes were long,‚ÄĚ
    “I did not really get much of the courtroom experience because I used to host a show on TV3 from 6 to 10 am which took most of the time for the courtroom sessions

    she further went on to explain that ‚Ästalthough she‚Äôs not much into her accustomed profession ‚Äď she hasn‚Äôt cocoon herself not to stretch a helping hand to people who need her help by using the aforementioned statement as a luxurious fact to deny them help.

    We can all do pretty much in our own small corners without necessarily going to the court to fight for the right of women as a feminist,‚ÄĚ

    In summary she said ;

    Let me emphasised, ‚ÄėIt really does not matter to be in the courtroom as a lawyer. There are other aspects of the profession that one can fully take advantage of as a fully-fledged lawyer.


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