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SikaKasa Instant Mobile Loan – Get up to Ghc 5,000 loan with SikaKasa Loan app.


SikaKasa Instant Mobile Loan – Get up to Ghc 5,000 loan with SikaKasa Loan app.


Undoubtedly, Money Talks. As the Name of this app suggest (SikaKasa, Meaning Money Talks in Twi)

But what if you are currently lacking money? Meaning you will be dull and stuck?

Well, that why SikaKasa ap is here to rectify.

To provide quick access to mobile loans for Ghanaians who are eligible.

Its no news the Country is thoroughly hard and sometimes our only way of survival is to go in for loans.


What is SikaKasa?

SikaKasa is an unsecured online credit loan that customers can apply for with their mobile phones.

SikaKasa focuses on providing convenient and fast loan services for creditworthy Ghanaian individuals.

What makes SikaKasa a better choice over the lots?

Ostensibly, you’ve heard about lots of mobile loan apps in Ghana, we’ve even written about 21 or more loan apps in Ghana, So why should you choose SikaKasa?

Below are the reasons why you should choose SikaKasa loan:

  • You apply for SikaKasa loan online, easy to operate.
  • SikaKasa’s loan amount can be increased rapidly when you pay back your loan on time.
  • SikaKasa app support multiple repayment methods.

SikaKasa Interest Rate

SikaKasa interest rate ranges from 7.15% to 20.08% per annum with a service rate from 0 to 1.1%.

For example, if you apply for a loan of GHS 5,00, the term is 100 days, annual interest rate is 7.3% and service rate is 0.5%.

So the daily interest rate=7.3%/365=0.02%
The interest for 100 days =5,00×7.3%/365×100= 10
The service rate=500×0.5%=2.5
The totally repayment=5,00+10+2.5= 512.5

SikaKasa Loan Amount and Term Tenure

With SikaKasa Loan App, you can get a loan of GHS 100~ GHS 5,000 with a term tenure of 91~121 days.

How to apply for SikaKasa Instant Loan In Ghana?

Applying for SikaKasa Loan is pretty easy, in just 5 steps, your loan will be approved and available in your choosing payment method.

Kindly follow the steps below to commence the loan application process.

  • Visit the Google Play Store, Search for SIKAKASA and download the app (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD);
  • Register an account with SikaKasa;
  • Fill in the personal data as required and submit;
  • Awaiting review results;
  • The loan amount will be transferred directly to the filled loan account;

Ps: Your loan amount increases anytime you repay your loan on time.

Contact SikaKasa

If you have any queries, you can contact SikaKasa on any of the mediums Below.

Email Address:[email protected]
Consumer Hotline: + 233 570000838

SikaKasa Location

SikaKasa Address: Brenya Ln, Tesano-Accra


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on SikaKasa Loan!

We are always excited when we are able to provide valuable information on a topic like this!

This was a quick post, but still had a lot of great information on how to get an instant loan of 5000 cedis. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below and we shall attend to you.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this blog post helpful!

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