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Water Monitor vs Snake. First time Fight Caught On Camera. Watch


Water Monitor vs Snake. First time Fight Caught On Camera. Watch

Those water monitors are amazing. They’ll pretty much eat anything they can fit in. I had one in my garden in Thailand that specialised in eating toads. Not a pretty sight! But young ones also get eaten by snakes sometimes, especially golden tree snakes and king cobras. I’ve never seen it myself, but I was lucky enough to film a golden tree snake eating a gecko once. It was incredible.

Awwww, so that’s what a snake with a broken spine looks like…. now I can finally stop laying awake at night wishing I knew… thanks YouTube!! You’re like that uncle who has a crazy story for every topic that comes up.. ever.. yeah, the one that’s like amazingly creepy, but amazing nonetheless… yeah, that’s the one.

At 2:20, that snake appears to have a wound about half way down its body. I’m guessing it went into shock, otherwise this would’ve been an epic battle.
Its water monitor, Veranus, has a toxic bite. Its saliva isn’t venom but it will debilitate the victim of its bite. The same is true of its cousin, the Komodo Dragon. I filmed one slightly larger than your specimen on Hong Island, Thailand in 2017

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