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King Cobra Pays With His Life When He Spits Venom On A Mongoose


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Cobra and mongoose are two very fierce animal fight. They have a strong fighting ability and are not easily defeated. In a recent match between a cobra and a mongoose, the snake won, however it was badly injured. The battle between a cobra and a mongoose takes place in a jungle in South America.

The mongoose is a professional hunting animal fight, they are capable of moving very quickly and are very cunning. However, when confronting cobras, they face a formidable opponent. Cobras are one of the largest snakes in the world, they can grow up to 5 meters long and weigh more than 150 kg.
They are one of the most different and dangerous animal fight in the world. When they bite their prey, they will inject a huge amount of poison, causing death to the prey. In the fight with the mongoose, the cobra used a very sophisticated tactic. It had stepped back and waited for the mongoose to attack.

After the mongoose attacked, the cobra used its strength to quickly bite the mongoose, making it impossible for them to run away. After winning the battle, the cobra was seriously injured. Animal fight experts have explained that this is due to the strength of the mongoose. They have sharp teeth and rigid bodies, so when they attack, they can inflict serious damage on their opponents. However, the cobra never gives up and always fights to the end. They used their power to continue to survive the battle with the mongoose.

The strength and fighting ability of cobras has made them one of the most feared animal fight in the world. They have the ability to attack and kill their prey within seconds, causing many other animal fight to fear and avoid them.

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