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Scary ecounter of Human with wild Animals


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It’s estimated that we share the Earth with about 8.7 million animal species. And some of them don’t have our best interests in mind. With some being downright spine-chilling and looking to cause trouble. If you’re brave enough, let’s get going with today’s presentation because damn nature, you scary.

Going outdoors in Australia is taking your life in your own hands because almost everything can eat you or poison you. Good thing there’s video. Imagine trying to explain this one to your insurance company. Australia has approximately 200,000 saltwater crocodiles that grow to enormous sizes due to living in ideal conditions. Here’s one that wants to be your kayaking buddy.


An excellent yardstick to measure a society is by how many stray dogs you see on a regular basis in the towns and cities. This next clip is from Russia. Say what you will about bats, but without them, you can say goodbye to bananas, mangos, avocados, and 300 other fruits that depend on bats for pollination. I’m not sure what the actual safe distance from a lion is, but I’m pretty sure it’s further than being in the back of a truck with one. You tell me who’s more shocked to see who in this next clip.

I’m thinking it’s a tie. I have no idea what this odd critter is, but to be on the safe side…Don’t get it wet, and definitely don’t feed it after midnight. It’s time to settle something for good. What is the plural of octopus? Although you can get away with saying either octopuses or octopi, when a word enters the English language, its plural is Anglicized. That means Octopuses is the correct plural from.

This cow seems to want a turn on the ATV and is willing to fight over it. I say, let her have it. I’ve never seen a cow ride a 4 wheeler before. Take a page from the playbook of these ladies. They do the right thing when encountering a herd of bison looking to cross the road. SImply, stop the car.

Don’t panic, and let these majestic creatures pass freely. You may take a thousand boat trips in your life, but this will be the one you never forget.

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